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58, Panna, United States, Palm Beach
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Orientacja seksualnaBiseksualny
Wzrost160cm - 170cm
Waga60 - 70 kg
Palm Beach
Włosy łonoweWygolona
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Being caressed
Being treated like a princess
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A happy MILF who loves exploring her sexuality!
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Ugly Behavior
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Sweetniss April's Blog

I am a happy and content retired college professor with a Ph.D. I love sharing my sexuality with you for your pleasure. I am single, dating, and love to share the dirty details that I could satisfy your guilty pleasures.

Room Rules.

1 Please be patient! I like to spread the love around. If you're in a hurry, you should go elsewhere. I have no clock. If you tip me, I'm giving you the time you deserve.

2. Please do not ask me to show you something for 0 or 1 tokens. If you're short, you'll eventually see what you want. I'm sure of it.

3. Nobody wants to hear about your aunt, your mother, etc. I do not do taboo. Put your sexy talk in a tip note like a good boi.

4. NO PICTURES IN MY CHAT!!! I LIKE ANIMATED GIFS AND GLITTERWORDS.You know what I like: cute, sexy, kind, SWEET!!!!

My Moderators

Moderators are Annointed in my room. If you come in and have read my profile, I will instantly know because you will be following my room rules and posting what I like to the chat (see profile for more information on what I like and room rules).

I love the attention, so SPOIL ME guys!!! I love my moderators!!!

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